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Rayna is one of those girls that could beat you in an arm wrestling match. She stands 6 feet tall, she has piercings in both of her nipples, and she's got her clit pierces as well. She is a first timer to porn, but you can tell she's had more than a few cocks in her pussy.

Big Red took a pass on this scene, so Bootleg and Paulie Harker stepped in to give her hell. Her throat virginity was instantly taken as the big dicked dudes want balls deep into her gullet. They face fucked Rayna in a variety of positions, and she filled up the whore bowl in a hurry.

After gagging her senseless, they decided to fuck the holes in her southern region. Bootleg and Harker took turns tagging her twat until they realized that fucking her at the same time would be a lot more enjoyable. Rayna lubed up her holes and let the guys have at it. Rayna experienced her first double penetration and as her holes were stretched, it seemed like she realized that trying a DP for the first time with a couple giant cocks was a bad idea.

Once the Facial Abuse crew had their fun and sufficiently gaped her asshole and her pussy, they threw this Amazonian broad on the ground. She looked up with her puppy dog eyes and the guys gave her a sticky white cum shower. Now that I think about it, this might have been the first shower this dirty hippy chick took in weeks.

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